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parola all’azienda
             word to the company

       EURO COSMETIC               EURO COSMETIC

              gives shape
         to its strategies         dà forma alle strategie

             Huge investments      Ingenti investimenti in Ricerca e Sviluppo,
               in Research and
          Development, highly      impianti all’avanguardia e grande attenzione
          advanced production      verso quello che è l’orientamento del mercato,
             systems and great
                  attention to     fanno dell’azienda un perfetto partner commerciale
               the orientation
           of the market make
         the company a perfect
           commercial partner      Euro Cosmetic si è affermata negli anni tra i leader   Euro Cosmetic has made a name for itself
                                   della produzione cosmetica ponendosi come un   over the years as one of the leaders
                                   partner di sviluppo di progetti e business.   in cosmetic production as a partner
                                                                                in the development of products and business.
                                                                                Its mission is to support cosmetic companies
                                                                                in their strategic project, through the production
                                                                                of quality products in line with the consumer trends.
                                                                                The references cover various segments:
                                                                                oral hygiene, skin moisturizing, face
                                                                                and body cleansing, personal deodorizing,
                                                                                well-being for the hair, alcoholic perfumery,
                                                                                with destinations both of mass market
                                                                                and specialized and professional channels.

                                                                                Value-based strategies
                                                                                Euro Cosmetic has set as its objective precise drivers
                                                                                of growth and has greatly invested in Research and
                                                                                Development, systems, equipment and Certifications.
                                                                                As well as the already known UNIEN ISO 22716 and 9001,
                                                                                as from this year the company is also certified IFS HCP.
                                                                                The orientation of the product management
                                                                                is that of managing the market demand
                                                                                and being ready for the launch for the sales
                                                                                campaigns before this demand has been superseded.
                                          Daniela Maffoni                       “By adopting a market-oriented strategy,” says Silvia
                                                                                Tosin, the Marketing Specialist, “we are able to launch
                                                                                green lines of Cosmos Natural or Organic, Natrue and
                                   La sua mission è supportare le aziende       Ecocert certified products in useful time for our clients.”
                                   cosmetiche nel loro progetto strategico,
                                   tramite la realizzazione di prodotti         Efficiency and service
                                   di qualità in linea con i trend di consumo.   What makes Euro Cosmetic a reliable commercial
                   Euro Cosmetic
                  Via Dei Dossi, 16  Le referenze coprono diversi segmenti: igiene orale,   partner is also the twofold approach with the clients.
              I-25030 Trenzano (BS)  idratazione della pelle, detergenza viso e corpo,   “If they are already in possession of the formulas,”
                T. +39.030/9974760  deodorazione personale, benessere dei capelli,   explains Ms Tosin, “they can rely on our laboratory
                F. +39.030/9974533
   profumeria alcoolica, sia con destinazione mass   to test them on machines and, if they are to be
       market sia verso canali specializzati e professionali.  further developed, they can benefit from our support.

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